Energies Balanced Studio Rental Policies and Agreement:


While you are using our space:

You must be 18 years of age or older in order to rent our studio space.

So that your space and your time isn’t interrupted please lock the front door after all your guests have arrived. All studio doors must be closed during the duration of your studio rental.

We are a yoga studio with yoga props such as blankets, mats, chairs, crystal bowls, bells, blocks, belts, and a yoga wall. These props are not to be touched during the duration of your rental by you or any of your guests, unless you get permission from us ahead of your studio rental event to use them. If you do have permission to use our props, you must put them back exactly the way you found them. All props have to be cleaned before put back. You will be charged the price of any property damaged.

Ask us for our WiFi password in advance, if you plan on using the internet. Ask for our speaker system in advance so we can have it ready for you.

Do not adjust the air conditioner/heating thermostat. The thermostat is set on a certain temperature that runs automatically. Please request your desired studio temperature before your rental begins. Your requested temperature will be set during the duration of your rental. Do not adjust it for members of your group who want it adjusted.

For lighting, use the 2 floor lamps located in the studio. You may use the overhead track lights dimmed to half if you need them.

Do not open the window curtains during the hours of 11 am - 6 pm. Our windows are facing the West and get direct sun all day. Keep them closed or partially opened while you are using our studio.

You and your guests may use our cups and water located in the back of the studio. We request that you keep our studio clean by picking up all your trash or spills. All food left over should be taken out of the studio. All trash bags with food items thrown in them need to be left on the back patio. No alcohol is allowed to be served to anyone under the age of 21 on the premises. You will be billed a $75.00 cleaning fee for any messes left behind including a dirty floor.

If you are using candles for your event please make sure that there are no wax spills left over. All candles should be turned off before you leave the studio.

If your event has music outside, it needs to be stopped by 10:00 pm.

Energies Balanced is not responsible for personal property left behind by you or your guests. If we find a personal item left behind, we will lock it in our safe until you or someone of your party comes to get it.

Energies Balanced is not responsible or liable for any injuries in our parking lot, studio space, or backyard space.  You as the studio renter are responsible for all members of your party exiting our space i.e. parking lot, studio space and back yard, before you leave.

An Energies Balanced Representative will have the studio open for you 15 minutes prior to your scheduled rental. We will enter the studio 5 minutes after your scheduled rental. You have 15 minutes after your scheduled rental to make sure the studio is clean and in order, and to make sure all of your guests are safely off our premises.

Our studio space is under 24 hour video surveillance inside and outside.

There is parking located in front of the studio and down Cedar Avenue. 

Payment and Registration:

Once we have approved your event we will send you an email with an invoice and a payment link. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your rental purchase and procedures.