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The Rockspace extender setup and login process is simple. Some novice users can make mistakes and face issues. They can face problems like Re.rockspace.local not working. My WIFI signal range is weak. Or the extender is offline. Therefore, I am getting dropped internet connection again and again. Don't worry! Here we are going to discuss a simple method to set up your Rockspace Extender. You have to use only a computer and a web browser. The computer requires association with the router's network to access the Re.rockspace.local login page. Connect your range extender directly to the computer using an Ethernet cable. Follow Rockspace WIFI Extender setup process

  1. Place the range extender beside the router and then apply power to it using an electric power outlet.

  2. Communicate the range extender using an Ethernet cable to your computer device.

  3. The computer must be getting a proper internet connection from the router. Only then can you access range extenders.

  4. In your computer, open Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other web browser of your choice.

  5. Into the address bar of the web browser, type Re.rockspace.local. Or to access the login page.

  6. The login and setup page of your Rockspace extender will appear on the screen with the two blank tabs.

  7. In these two blank tabs, enter the default username and password of your range extender.

  8. Use the paraphrase ADMIN to clear the default login username and password field. Click Login.

  9. Now you are at the Basic home page or the user's administrative page of your Rockspace repeater.

  10. You can now access all other settings of your device. You can also configure the username and password information.

How do I configure my Rockspace Extender using the RS WIFI app? Do you have any issue accessing Re.rockspace.local web address through a browser? You have another best option: the Rockspace RS WIFI app. You can install the RS WIFI app on your mobile device. Either it is Android or iOS. Install the app from the app store or the play store of your device. Type the Rockspace RS WIFI app into the search bar of the app store and get the app. RS WIFI app does not require any cable connection or computer device to access the web administration page of your extender. You can use this RS WIFI app using the following two methods. Method one: -

  • Download the RS WIFI app by scanning the QR code from the Google play store or the Apple app store.

  • Enable the Rockspace RS WIFI app and find the range extender from the available device list.

  • Click the range extender. And now you can connect and manage easily.

Method Two: -

Option one: -

If the WIFI network name of your range extender is different from the WIFI router, for example, My Rockspace_Extender on the router or m