Physical Therapy Evaluation

Lisa Ford - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Lisa Ford - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Are you interested in starting a yoga practice or deepening your current practice but are hesitant because of an injury, surgery, illness or general health issues?

Energies Balanced is excited to be able to offer on site services from Lisa Ford, Doctor of Physical Therapy and registered yoga teacher. Lisa Ford is a practicing DPT with 28 years experience and a 200hr RYT with a passion to provide guidance for a safe, personalized and sustainable yoga practice. 

Schedule a physical therapy evaluation by Lisa to address any areas of concern or for a general musculoskeletal assessment. With consideration to your medical history, injuries, previous surgeries or ‘out of shape’ concerns, Lisa Ford will form a tailored yoga practice to your needs.

Private yoga sessions following your  PT assessment are also an option to give you a kick start for a safe, lifelong practice.

Lisa Ford believes all body types are for yoga; but not all yoga is for all body types. Start out right with yoga knowing what you body needs!

What to expect:

  1. PT evaluation of specific area of concern and/or general agility.

  2. Posture and gait assessment.

  3. Assessment of muscle weakness/tightness addressed with a tailored yoga practice.

  4. Cost is $120.00 for a 1 hour assessment.

Schedule Your Physical Therapy Evaluation Below: