Lourdes Castro-Natural Healer

Ever since I remember, I got to sense and feel things in ways I couldn’t explain, until I found my answers in the spiritual universe and it’s healing practices yaaaayyy!!!! >D

I studied for Dietitian because I’ve always believed that our body is a temple and that our diet has a huge impact in our health, and also I observed that the Divinity is so great that every little detail has been considered to provide everything we need!!!, including cures to heal our body in our food and our back yard!! And because I’m a people person, during my internship, by talking with the patients of the hospital I noticed a huge relationship between the emotions they were dealing with and the illness they had. So I started thinking that there’s no point of just treating the illness if the emotions are still there creating it. It’s like taking an aspirin to makeup stress. The body feels relief for a moment, but the stress will continue to produce the headache.

When all this questions came to me, other senses started to sharpened, because my curiosity open up a whole new world to me, and as soon as Rei-Ki entered in my life, everything changed!!! Everything had more sense, I finally understood why I am the way I am and I embraced it even more!! And it open up a whole new lifestyle for me and the people I wanted to help so much!! I became a Rei-Ki master and I also work with Bach flowers essences to treat our emotional side. These 3 practices of Rei-ki (energy/spirit), Bach flowers (mind/emotions) and nutrition (body) are the core of the practice I created HOLOS, I work different aspects of the self in order to heal. Because we are so complex!!! We need to take care of all of our needs.

Then, during life, I’ve been blessed to count with great guides from different cultures; this had helped me to provide more tools to expand the sense of well-being. I lived in Thailand and learned from the monks, with the Mapuches in Argentina where I learned more about yuyos (herbs) and in Mexico I’ve been working with shamans from different tribes, collecting and applying their knowledge to share >D

At the end, all I want is to show my brothers and sisters how perfect we are and how much loved we are by the Creator, we have all this tools and options to live happy, healthy, fulfill; I want to be an ambassador of all that love :D