Massage Therapy

One of the side effects of stress, anxiety or injury is holding tension somewhere. This means that the blood and tissue fluids are not circulating properly in that particular area, causing the entire body to compensate in order to find its homeostasis (balance). By receiving massage and bodywork, a person can eliminate tension in their bodies to facilitate circulation and an over all healing balance.
— Todd Johnson LMT

Todd Johnson  (MT031597) has over 18 years of experience. 

Massage Services

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A fee of $25.00 is applied to any appointments scheduled after 7:00 pm Monday - Thursday and 5:00 pm on Friday - Sunday.

60 Minute Problem Area Session:        

This massage will help with any sort of chronic pain or acute injury to your body.  Very effective for quick fixes, this session focuses solely on your problem areas and is not a full body treatment. 

Women’s-$80.00 Men’s-$90.00

60 Minute Chiropractic Prep Massage:

This massage will help to make your chiropractic appointments more efficient and effective, providing you with longer term health and injury or problem area relief. This session incorporates loosening up the fascia & muscles of the back side of the body, assimilating work on the hips and hip flexors, spinal and rib, shoulder, rotator cuff, chest decompression. 

Women's-$80.00      Men's-$90.00

90 Minute Full Body Session:       

This is a great way to relax and to rest as every detail of tension is circulated and released throughout your entire body.  

Women's-$110.00      Men's-$120.00

2 Hour Full Body Body Session:             

Even more extensive than the 90 minute full body session, the 2 hour session includes abdominal, pelvic chest, scalp and facial/sinus work.

Women's-$140.00    Men's-$150.00 

3 Hour Full Body Session:

This massage assimilates scalp, face/sinus work, abdominal, chest, pelvic, hot stone treatment, nerve stroke therapy, plus additional problem area work. 

Women's-$190.00     Men's-$200.00

30 Minute Foot Relaxer:                  

Melt into bliss with an amazing foot work session. This session will help to revitalize and restore your entire system in only 30 minutes! 


30 Minute Head Relaxer:                  

This session includes head, neck, shoulder, face & scalp. This is also a great way to relieve sinus congestion, and head tension. 



Incorporate one of the following extra treatments to your massage session: (Each add on is assimilated into the time allotted for the massage session you purchase.)

Hot Stone Therapy: 

Feel the cozy therapeutic warmth of hot stone therapy. Our basalt stones come from the Giliespie River in Montana. Once lava from the Earth's core, these stones once formed a mountain range, then took a few million years to be cut and smoothed by the power of the ancient river to fit perfectly into the contours of human hands and to be applied to assist decongesting tight over worked muscles.

Full Body: $50.00     Back Only: $20.00     Feet Only: $20.00     Back and Feet Only: $30.00

Soothing Nerve Stroke Therapy: 

This technique is subtle but PROFOUND. Light, therapeutic touch to the surface of the skin after deeper muscle manipulation helps to relax tension all over the body and floods the body with extra endorphins to ensure ultimate relaxation.  

Full Body: $30.00     Back: $15.00

Scalp and Head Massage: 

Melt through the Earth with therapeutic scalp and head work. Our bodies containing a substantial amount of nerve endings in the head and scalp. This massage work helps to alleviate tension, revitalizes hair follicles, and creates a strong sense of relaxation. 


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Relax in the comfort of your own home and don't worry about driving in traffic after your massage.  We offer our 2 hour Men's and Women's sessions upon availability.  Our out call fee is only $50.00 added to your 2 hour Men's or Women's sessions. For couples or friends, we also offer 2 - 90 minute, or 3 - 60 minute Men's and Women's out call sessions.  This is really a great deal for the quality of service you receive and convenience of never leaving your home. To book your out call massage session email 


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