Dr. Billy Wright Doctor of Chiropractic

As a 1993 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Texas Chiropractic College I use only methods that are research based and proven safe and effective within the chiropractic scientific community. I use a gentle, hands on manipulative therapeutic approach in my office to restore normal position and function to the spine and extremities. We want our patients to have a comfortable and pleasant experience in our office and be healthier as a result.
— Dr. Billy Wright D.C.
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For Your Body and Spine

The Energies Balanced Community has been grateful to be in the chiropractic care of Dr. Billy Wright. Lisa and I refer everyone we know to him because he has helped us out tremendously. Thank you Dr. Billy!
— Todd Johnson

Dr Bob D.C. above is the son of the late Dr Stanley D.C. and the father of Dr Billy Wright D.C. shown working on Lisa Johnson in the above pictures. Dr. Bob's father Stanley, started practicing Chiropractic care back in 1920 and started a family tradition that is almost 100 years old. Dr. Billy's son Tyler Wright, plans on continuing the family tradition and is currently attending chiropractic school.

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