Massage Therapy 

Todd Johnson  (MT031597) has over 18 years of full time experience. 

Todd Johnson LMT/Yoga Teacher

One of the side effects of stress, anxiety or injury is holding tension somewhere. This means that the blood and tissue fluids are not circulating properly in that particular area, causing the entire body to compensate in order to find its homeostasis (balance). By receiving massage and bodywork, a person can eliminate tension in their bodies to facilitate circulation and an over all healing balance.
— Todd Johnson LMT/Yoga Teacher & Instructor

All massage sessions are customized to your specific needs. From focus on problem areas, to full body sessions, we offer a wide variety of techniques and abilities to ensure your satisfaction.

Need to work on your yoga practice? Schedule a private yoga lesson with Todd.

All private yoga lessons are taught through therapeutic alignment principles in order to create strength, flexibility and balance throughout your system as a whole.

Hasta Pada Angusthasana 1

Todd teaches alignment yoga at regular times during the week see schedule and book below:

727 Airport Blvd Bld. C, Austin, Tx 78702