Hello potential assistant, 

We are happy that you are interested in applying for our assistant position at Energies Balanced. We are a grass root yoga and massage studio/community based out of our home in East Austin. Energies Balanced was established in 2008, and has been growing ever since. We are a dynamic operation with many aspects to our business including yoga classes, yoga workshops, yoga retreats, yoga performing troupes, massage therapy, community gatherings, a 500 hour yoga teacher training program, an international yoga registry, and photography and videography productions . We are looking for someone with initiative and management skills to help our business grow and thrive.

We are now hiring a part time assistant. The job is 30-40 hours a month (with potential to increase) at $10.00 per hour. The job requirements are as follows:

  • Able to attend all EB events.
  • Own a personal computer with internet service.
  • Must be efficient at computer skills. 
  • Have a reliable vehicle for transportation.
  • Able to solicit our business to sponsors and vendors.
  • Must have good writing skills.
  • Must have initiative and be able to market and promote our business.
  • Book keeping experience mandatory.
  • Must know Quick Books.
  • Must know how to create and maintain spreadsheets. (Excel, Sheets, etc..)
  • Must be able to manage employees for certain events.
  • Business management skill preferable.
  • Non-developer or developer website experience preferable.
  • Adobe software operating skills preferable. (graphic design, ect.)
  • Sales and promotions experience preferable.
  • Knowledge of yoga and massage preferable.
  • Must be ok with returning client phone calls or emails.
  • Must meet all deadlines on assignments.

Extra perks include:

  • 50% off all of our services.
  • Free retreat access to all music and events on your downtime.

There is a 60-90 day probation period requirement with all Energies Balanced positions.

Please do not contact us via phone or email about the position. Pleas use the form below only. If we choose you as an applicant, we contact you via email to set up a phone interview. If interest is still high, we will ask you to schedule an appointment at our studio for an in person interview. Our final hiring decision will be done via email or phone after the in person interview.

EB Business Manager Application Form

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