Energies Balanced 2017 Fall Yoga Retreat
to Oct 22

Energies Balanced 2017 Fall Yoga Retreat

About this Festival

Camping at the Energies Balanced Yoga Retreat. 40 acres of amazing serenity and beautiful vistas at the legendary Davis Ranch in Waelder, Tx.

   Step away from the hustle and bustle of the city or take some time away from work stress to get your chill on at the Energies Balanced Yoga Retreat. It’s a great way to put your mind at ease and center yourself.

   For 3 days, enjoy yoga, natural healing and cooking classes, fishing, swimming, hiking and relaxing at the legendary Davis Ranch. In the evenings, sip on some beer and wine, eat some fabulous food and bless your ears with the astonishing musical performances. 

   It’s perfect for those who need to reach the highest level of chill.

   "I found out about Energies Balanced retreat online. It was exactly what I had been looking for: an amazing group of fun and inclusive yoga enthusiasts, excellent yoga classes, delicious food (so don’t expect to go hungry whilst you are at the retreat) set on a beautiful ranch just outside Austin. It was the perfect blend of fun, relaxation and the opportunity to make new friends. I am hooked! These folks are foodies with a yoga problem." - Celine Leslie
"Great playing with my brothers Paul Klemperer and Oliver Rajamani, and new little brother Chris Eisenberg. And my love and gratitude to Energies Balanced--Todd and Lisa Jay Johnson and team-- knows no bounds! " - Amie Maciszewski 

"Always the best time!! Love, Love, Love! - Joan DiCuffa

Full Weekend Camping Tickets On Sale Now! 

Don't have a tent? No worries, we'll provide one for you. We'll even throw in a comfortable air mattress with bedding for your convenience. Choose the Full Camping Guest With Shared Tent & Air Mattress ticket option.  

Ticket Options

All ticket purchases are nonrefundable or transferable.

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Jaki Nett Iyengar Yoga Workshop
to Sep 10

Jaki Nett Iyengar Yoga Workshop

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Intermediate Senior 1 Certified Iyengar Instructor, Jaki Nett will be holding a 3 day workshop at Energies Balanced Yoga Studio.

Jaki Nett Portrait Color
From Napa Valley, California, Jaki Nett has taught yoga since 1976 and Iyengar yoga since 1982. She holds an Intermediate Senior 1 Teaching Certificate, the highest certification of any African American woman in the United States. Jaki has studied under the tutelage of the world-renowned yoga master BKS Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar. Jaki has an MA in Humanistic Psychology, and weaves her research in functional anatomy into her teaching. Her bright, focused energy and straight-forward teaching style inspires and guides students through the challenges and rewards of a committed practice. 

Take Advantage Of Our Early Registration Prices! Full Weekend Pass Is Only $290.00 During Early Registration!

Full Weekend Pass - Click Here

Fri. Sept. 8, 2017

(6 pm - 8:45 pm) Traditional Iyengar Class + Time For Q & A - Click Here

Sat. Sept. 9, 2017

(9 am - 12 pm) Standing Poses - Traditional  Iyengar Class - Click Here

Sat. Sept. 9, 2017

(2:30 pm - 5:00 pm) Knees/Hips/Hamstrings - Click Here

Sun. Sept. 10, 2017

(9:30 am - 12:30 pm) Back Extensions + Time for Q & A - Click Here

Registration Timeline

Early: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - Thursday, August 17, 2017
Late: Friday, August 18, 2017 - Thursday, September 7, 2017
Drop Ins are welcome only if space is available.
Early Full Weekend Pass: $290
Late Full Weekend Pass: $320
Drop In Full Weekend Pass: $350

This 3 day workshop is open to all yoga practitioners! Jaki requests that all students must wear tights or shorts. It is important that there is no lose fitting leggings so the shape of the whole leg can clearly be seen. While you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat, Energies Balanced Yoga Studio will provide all props. There is also ample free street parking available next to the studio.  After your ticket purchase you have until August 18, 2017 to get a full refund, minus a $35.00 administration fee for individual classes and a $120.00 administration fee for Full Weekend Passes.  No refunds will be issued after August 18th.  This workshop is not eligible for discount through our Energies Balanced Member Perks Program, and or studio class packages or unlimited yoga passes.

Jaki Nett was also a former Playboy bunny and actress who became a college instructor and an international Yoga instructor and author, was born in Mississippi in 1944, and departed her home state in 1962, for Los Angeles to pursue careers in acting and modeling.
Jaki is the published author of, A Crack in the Mask: The Felt Sense Method® – A Humanistic Approach to Managing Incontinence. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Jaki conducts two separate 2-year long yoga study groups at her studio, IYNV, in St. Helena, CA. and in Louisville, KY.
She also conducts yoga workshops in the Bay area and in Italy, Germany, England, South Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, and Finland. Jaki has written magazine articles and has given workshops addressing female health issues. 
For over a decade, Jaki has been making a difference for women suffering from conditions resulting from a weak pelvic floor. Jaki helps women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and to gain the control offered by a healthy pelvic floor, whether the weakness is due to uterine fibroids, obesity, pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation, sexual abuse, or extreme pressure produced from heavy lifting.
Jaki is a down-to-earth and accessible teacher and lecturer and simultaneously, her teaching style is personal, methodical and insightful.
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Energies Balanced “Back To Basics Yoga and Anatomy of Movement”
3:00 PM15:00

Energies Balanced “Back To Basics Yoga and Anatomy of Movement”

Energies Balanced “BACK to Basics anatomy and yoga workshop series” combines eastern and western anatomy with classical yoga training for students and teachers of yoga, bodywork, movement therapy, dancers for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the human body and the practice of yoga. The course is taught using yoga asana, anatomical models and lecture. The sessions are 2 ½ hours long and are held once a month. The workshops are open to all levels of yoga practitioners and in some cases CEUs can be provided.

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Anatomy Of The Inner & Outer Hips In Asana/Aligning The Hips In Balance Poses
to Dec 4

Anatomy Of The Inner & Outer Hips In Asana/Aligning The Hips In Balance Poses

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Anatomy Of The Inner & Outer Hips In Asana

Learn the anatomy of the inner and outer hips through asana with certified Iyengar yoga teacher Lisa Jay Johnson. Learn about the hip flexors, adductors, abductors, lower back, inner groin and much more. Typically inflexibility of the hips is due to tightness or restrictions in these muscle groups. We will learn how to create space in these muscles groups to create overall hip longevity. This workshop is open to all levels and practitioners. Don't miss Lisa's "Hip Alignment In Balancing Poses" workshop from 2 pm - 4 pm on Sunday, December 4th see Below:


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This workshop is open to all levels and practitioners. Don't miss Lisa's "Hip Alignment In Balancing Poses" workshop from 2 pm - 4 pm on Sunday, December 4th see Below:

Aligning The Hips In Balance Poses Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Balance is an important concept in asana, but it is equally important in everyday life. This workshop will help you understand where balance initiates from. Learn how to gain proper hip alignment and engagement in balancing poses. This workshop is from 2:00 - pm - 4:00 pm on Sunday, December 34th. This workshop is for all levels and practitioners.


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

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 Energies Balanced & Kaskól Fashion present a fun and whimsical event...Yoga & Foulards!
5:00 PM17:00

Energies Balanced & Kaskól Fashion present a fun and whimsical event...Yoga & Foulards!

Come for a special beginner/intermediate-friendly practice in which we'll balanced effort and ease with the help of a unique prop: your own foulard provided by Kaskól Fashion, a local mother&daughter women's accessory boutique. We'll play with breath, movement and music.... All with a touch of a functional and fashionable accessory! You'll get to take yours home for future playful practice and to top off any of your favorite outfits.

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3:00 PM15:00


Mollie has over 10 years of teaching experience both locally and internationally. She has many levels of study in many different traditions. Mollie is eager to share her knowledge and experience with the Austin Yoga Community. We are excited to have Mollie join our teaching staff at Energies Balanced.

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