Beautiful Studio Rental Available in East Austin

1401 B Cedar Ave. Austin, TX 78702

Rental Options

1 hour studio only: $35.00                         1 hour studio + backyard & patio: $75.00

2 hour studio only: $65.00                         2 hour studio + backyard & patio: $135.00

3 hour studio only: $95.00                         3 hour studio + backyard & patio: $195.00

4 hour studio only: $125.00                       4 hour studio + backyard & patio: $225.00


Please see our Studio Calendar on our HOME page for available rental times. Studio rentals are available around our yoga studio schedule.

If you have any questions on times please email me at

Ready to Rent our Space?

Please click on the rental policies & Procedures button below to view a copy of our contract and then fill out the Rental inquiry form below.

Once we have approved your event we will send you an email with an invoice and a payment link. Once your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your rental purchase and procedures.  

You must sign a contract with the below policies and procedures at the studio space before you can begin your event. This contract is to be signed at the studio before you start your event.

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