Back to Basics Anatomy and Yoga Workshop Series

Energies Balanced “BACK To Basics Anatomy and Yoga Workshop Series” combines eastern and western anatomy with classical yoga training for students and teachers of yoga, bodywork, movement therapy, dancers for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the human body and the practice of yoga. The course is taught using yoga asana, anatomical models and lecture. The sessions are 2 ½ hours long and are held once a month. The workshops are open to all levels of yoga practitioners and in some cases CEUs can be provided. This workshop is taught by Samantha Blackhorn.

FIRST SERIES is Anatomy and movement, it is a four part series, workshops may be take individually for $40. The whole series is a 10 hour workshop and can be applied toward CEUs in some cases.

SECOND SERIES is Chakras and the endocrine system and is taught in a three part series. $40 for each individually.


  • Build a solid foundation for musculoskeletal anatomy of the major muscle groups, joints, and bones.
  • Understand some of those abstract terms like “tuck your tailbone” and “engage your thigh muscles”.
  • Learn to speak the language of anatomy to build confidence in communicating about the body to other practitioners, teachers, students or health care professionals.
  • Learn to work with yoga asana to correct common postural habits that cause discomfort for a majority of the western world.
  • Understand the complicated joints such as the knee, SI joint and the shoulder joint.
  • Explore how muscles work together to create alignment and how this knowledge will help you to create effective sequences to enhance your personal asana practice and/or classes you teach.
  • Learn to work intelligently to avoid injury and be able to modify poses for pre-existing injury in yourself and/or students you work with.
  • Learn the subtle anatomy of chakras, nadis and ayurvedic doshas.
  • Learn to design more effective sequences of yoga asana for home practice or classes.
  • Go home with several sequences (including the one we do in the workshop) to practice on your own or share with your classes.

1st Series:

2nd Series